Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Today began as any other morning does... but thats where its ends.

I got up late as ususal, drank my vitamins, went and got up Jude who had already been awake for 10 minutes or so playing in his crib and began to make breakfast. Garrett works from Mammoth on Wednesdays so I try and make something more than a bagel for him... I boiled some water and poored in the Steel Cut Oats and then tended to Jude.

This kind of Oatmeal is Garrett's favorite but it takes almost 40 minutes to make. Having got up late I was in a hurry to have it ready for him so I had the heat on too high. It boiled over while Jude and I were playing with a puzzle.  Boiled over Oatmeal SUCKS!

By the time I had it all cleaned up and had the oatmeal simmering on the stove at the proper temp, Garrett had to leave for work, so he got a bagel... sorry honey.

Jude ate oatmeal though. As I was checking my email and drinking my coffee, I look over and find this...

And rather than scold him I run frantically for the camera to take a video and my iPhone because pictures are so easy to upload to facebook from the phone... Gosh get your priorities straight.

From the high chair we go straight to the bath. Jude enjoys baths in Mommy's big tubby so we headed into the Master bath. (P.S. We moved into the house I was a teenager in... More on that Later) From the bath we move back into the living room and look for a diaper. As I say, "Jude come over here to Mommy, I dont want you to pee on the floor." What do you think my son did... Thats right he peed all over the floor. And my son can pee. I think his bladder is the size of a grown man's. He often pees through a diaper and wets his pants once a day. So we saved money by needing one less diaper today, but I would have rather spent the $.39 or whatever is costs per diaper than clean pee up off the carpet. Geez.

From the pee ficaco, we move to the living room exlposion of toys. How is it that a small person can make such a huge mess in less than  one minute. Serioulsy, he can get out every toy  he owns in 60 seconds flat. I think we should have baby mess races. Who's kid can make the biggest mess the fastest... It would be worth a laugh at least.

I turn on a Movie and go to my room to get dressed, thinking this will give me the 10 minutes I need to get ready for the day. (Oh the days of taking a 20 minute shower and then taking 45 minutes to do  my hair and makeup... GONE FOREVER!) But no, Mommy cant even have 10 minutes. I hear a loud crash and run to the kitchen. Jude has gotten the dog's bowl full of water and has dumped it all over the floor. He is soaked and so is the floor. ARGH! I didn't take any photos this time I was mad. 

So its not even 10 in the morning, my kitchen looks like this:

The living room looks like this:

I'm having 25 people over for dinner tonight as we are launching our new home group tonight: Crazy Love by Francis Chan... ( More on that later too) and now Im cranky...

Im still not dressed, and I have about 4 cups of cooked Steel Cut Oatmeal that I have no idea what to do with... any ideas? Oh yeah and I never ate my breakfast...

Happy Wednesday:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Testing out posting via text:)

Meek's Bay 2009

Our family weekend in Meek's Bay at Lake Tahoe was wonderful. We went up for a long weekend in August to spend some quality Higerd time. Camping was great. Family was great. Relaxation was great. Reading was great. Well, it was really great.

Jude loved playing hide and seek in the clothes line of towels, dumping buckets of water on his lap at the beach, and digging in the sand!

I am so glad Jude was walking this summer. Had he been a crawler I dont know how I would have done. Last summer he couldn't hardly sit up so that was fine. But this year he was walking and up out of the dirt. He was still small enough that he wouldnt run off which was really nice. We shall see about next year?

I snuck away to South Lake Tahoe for an afternoon and saw a movie all by myself! 4 Hours alone... It was nice, although the movie wasnt great. Julie and Julia... I was disappointed. I had high expectations I guess.

Garrett loved swimming in the lake and took Jude out on Grandmomma's boogie board. Jude wasnt to keen on the cold water. But he was a good sport for his daddy.

I love camping at Meek's Bay!