Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Overdue Update:)

"When is the last time you blogged?"

"Let's see, Thirty days has September, April June and November. All the rest have thirty one. Ummm Last Week."

"You're Due"

That is something similar to the conversation I imagine I would have had with Chandler this morning if I had talked with her...

Last Monday night we went over to the Haakana's house for a Bar-B-Q for Kyle's birthday. It was really fun. We laughed a lot and had nice light hearted conversation. It's fun to get out and socialize with people other than family once in a while. Dan made us all go for a walk after dinner to "Earn" our dessert. No one wanted to go, but we all ended up trecking up the hill behind their house, most of us with flip-flops on, to, if nothing else, get bitten by mosquitoes.

The Ladies at Kyle's Birthday Party

I made my first attempt at pumping some milk so Garrett could feed Jude his late night feeding before we all go to bed. I managed to get almost 4 oz and thought that would be plenty for a feed, but I was seriously mistaken. Garrett got ready for bed and took Jude into our bedroom to feed him while I was getting ready for bed. They got all settled, and Jude took the bottle like champ. However, when I returned from the bathroom, Jude had eaten all 4 oz, and was looking for more. Garrett was convinced that the bottle was, "Just a snack!" I then feed Jude another 6 minutes per side before he was finished eating for the evening... What an eater!

Daddy giving Jude a snack.
(I thought I would put up a shirtless picture of Garrett to even out all those ones of Gabe!)

The past few days however, he has been more finicky. He won't eat his usual 12 minutes per side. He will eat one one side and then proceed to play on the other eating maybe 5-6 minutes. I am not too worried since he is definitely growing and gaining weight. Garrett reassures me that Jude, "isn't missin' any meals."

On Friday we had the first "Pool Day at Pam's" of the summer. It was really fun. Carmen and her girls, Windsor and Owen, and Corrie and her kiddos all came down to my parents house for a swimming day. I didn't take Jude in the pool because I am still not sure if he is big enough. I am thinking later in the summer we will give it a try. It was really hot outside, but sitting in shade was tolerable and with a slight breeze every now and again it was pretty comfortable. The last week or so its been in the high 90's in Bishop and in the high 70's in Mammoth. I know that isnt hot compared to other places, but its hot for here...

Scout playing in the sun.

Dominique and Haven as bathing beauties.

Windsor and Owen waving hello.

The weekend was really mellow. Saturday was a nice quite day at home. In the afternoon we too Jude on a walk around Lake Mary. It was really fun. About 1/2 way around the lake I took the blanket I was using to shade him off and he began to "talk." He cooed and made noises for almost 20 minutes. It was darling. Garrett and I laughed. Its so fun to interact with Jude. Each day he becomes more alert and engaged. Every day is better.

Daddy doing what he loves best on Saturdays.

Sunday we taught Sunday School again, and all our 5th graders returned. I was really excited about that, but I feel a little bummed for them having had one week with the Junior High and now having to return to our class. I just wish our curriculum was consistent so that no matter which class they were in the teaching was solid.

Sunday afternoon, Garrett took me out to lunch at the Good Life Cafe. We had a nice meal, just the three of us. I really like being a family and doing things with my family. It's great:)

Gus has a vet appointment on Wednesday to get micro chipped, his booster shots and a rattle snake vaccine. The micro chip will contain all our personal information so that if Gus should ever get lost or stolen, a simple scan of his chip will tell the vet who his owners are and where we can be contacted. Cool Huh... I am feeling a little anxious about the appointment because I have to take him without Garrett and I dont know how Ill restrain the dog while holding the baby. It should be interesting.

I also have my 6 week post op appointment this week. So hopefully all will be ok and I will get the clear to live life as normal. Horray!

Monday, June 16, 2008

10 Reasons I am Thankful To and For the Men in My Life

So I ran across the blog by Abraham Piper, John Piper's son and this was his Father's Day post to his dad. I found it so touching and honest that I decided to adapt it to my life:

1. You love Jesus more than you love me.
2. You love Jesus more than you love Jude.
3. You read the bible to our son every night as he falls asleep.
4. You strive to be a humble man.
5. You are honest with me.
6. You desire to be a man of your word.
7. You work hard and provide for our family.
8. You teach and instruct me daily.
9. You make me laugh.
10. You are a great snuggler.

1. You love the Lord and are striving to be more like Him.
2. You can take a joke. (Gator Aide's are for outside chores)
3. You love my mother with an "out-loud" kind of love.
4. You are playful with Mom.
5. You sing a lot.
6. You love me and my siblings differently depending on how we need to be loved.
7. You went back to work with a humble heart.
8. You like to reminisce with me.
9. You sometimes smell like cut grass.
10. You taught my son to stick out his tongue.

1. You are a man of wisdom seasoned by your affection for Jesus.
2. You loved my husband into a man.
3. You care for me never making me feel like and "in-law"
4. You love family above all other things.
5. You tell great jokes.
6. Your jokes make my laugh harder than anyone else's.
7. You are fair.
8. You take your time making decisions.
9. You are sensitive, and unashamed to cry when you feel something.
10. You carry $100 bills to make a "Quick Cash Deal."

To all the dad's in my life: I love you! Happy Father's Day.

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day Weekend was really fun. Chandler came home Friday to surprise us all for Father's Day, but after a day of "floating," Michael feeling quite jolly ruined the surprise. Nonetheless, we were all really happy to have her home for a few days. Michael and Shannon were also home for the weekend picking up a few items to get ready for their summer job coaching/directing sports camps in and around Berkeley.

(An aside, during an orientation meeting the overseer of the Skylark Camps was explaining the insurance policies and it turns out that the younger the child is when injured the more money the at fault party pays. Michael in typical form, retorts, "So what you are saying is,'Save the Babies'"... The man laughed and assigned Michael to a 4 and 5 year old Golf Camp. Can you imagine 5 year olds learning to play golf, sounds dangerous to me... I guess Michael will be "Saving the Babies.")

Saturday was very relaxing. Garrett and I stayed at home most of the day, which lately hasn't happened much. It was nice to just hang out with my husband and talk. The baby napped and we talked. Imagine that:) Later in the afternoon, Michael, Shannon and Chandler came over and we all went for a walk with little Jude in the stroller. I decided that if I want to push my son, I must go on a walk alone. Otherwise, I am pushed aside. It has been really nice walking on the bike paths that are all around Mammoth. From our front door, I can pretty much go anywhere I want in town and not have to be on the street. It make for nice strolls.

Walk with the Siblings
After our walk, Michael and Shannon brought refreshments from the Looney Bean, which was nice. And Chandler took many pictures of the baby.

I think my son looks like a doll. He is so pretty.

Sisters in typical form
Recently, I have been watching Boston Legal, the tv show, on the internet. I think Jude looks like Jerry "Hands" Esponson in this picture. I thought it was pretty funny.
Over the past few days, Jude has been really reactive. Everyday he changes and becomes more alert. He smiles and responds to voices much more often and has started making loud squawking noises. He is holding his head up for quite a while, but still gets tired and collapses when finished.

On Sunday, I made breakfast (Sleepin' in Omelette from The Pioneer Woman) and Jude gave his daddy his first Father's Day gift. I must say that the card he wrote was very touching. Garrett and I taught Sunday school at church. I was really sad because all out 5th graders went up to the Junior High class. I wasn't ready for them to leave. Garrett was sad too, because he has developed an affection for a little guy named Ben. I am hopeful that Garrett could be a mentor in his life. He is such a neat little guy.

After church we headed down to my parent's house. (Garrett's family was out of down doing fun things like awards dinners with the Kubica family, Magic Mountain, celebrating Grant's birthday, visiting Hannah, brunch with old friends, and motorcycle oogling). We sat on the porch for a while and had iced tea. Then Mom, Dad and Chandler went swimming and Garrett, Jude and I went inside and took a little nap. I love Sunday afternoon naps. We played cards, played with all the dogs, and watched a movie entitled, "The Outlaw Josey Whales." Its a CLint Eastwood movie and since it was being recorded with the DVR as people moseyed in and out of the house would rewind and fast forward the show depending on when they left the room last. So that being said, it took about 5 hours to watch the movie. I have now learned it is one of my dad's favorites ranking up there with "Ben Hur" and "The 10 Commandments." Garrett had had enough of the Payne Family antics and left on the Rhino with Gus, and his misc training equipment. I guess he was looking for a new way to get to some lake with out having to drive on the main road. (Why drive on the main road if there is a dirt one close by right?)

All in all it was a wonderful weekend spent with family, full of fun, and plenty of relaxation.

Family Photo on Father's Day And the perks of having Chandler home, a New Haircut... I think 6 months between hair cuts is a little long. I love my stylist! haha

P.S. We also watched the Laker/Celtic Game 5. Does Jack Nicholson take himself seriously? Is he really talking to the opposing coach during the game. Seriously...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Boys are Sleeping

Jude is asleep on my chest.
Garrett is asleep next to me on the couch.
Gus is asleep at my feet.

I am typing with one hand.

I am surrounded by sleeping boys.

What am I to do...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Chandler!

My dearest sister,

I am so sorry that I have been a horrible blogger. I realize that this is your means to see what is happening with Jude on a more regular basis and my slacking has inhibited your getting the daily details. So this post is just for you on your birthday!

So its been more than two weeks since my last post and a lot has gone on. Mom did another craft fair at the Bishop Park over Memorial Day Weekend. We had fun visiting her in her booth. Mule Days didn't disappoint. One of the vendors was selling "Deep Fried Snickers." I laughed out loud because I thought they only sold things like that at the fair in Fayetteville. I didn't get a picture of the snickers man, but Michael took this one of my son:

Jude then met his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Brady, his Great-Aunt KK and second cousins Abby and Trevor. Both visits were wonderful. It was so nice to see them and the three of us were very blessed that they each made the effort to come and visit.

We attempted a pic-nic after church Sunday before last at Rock Creek lake but it was very windy and chilly. So no pictures...:(

Last Friday morning Garrett had a meeting in Bishop and stayed home until almost 10 and decided to take this cheeky picture without my knowing... Silly husband.

After church this Sunday we had a great time at the McDonald's house. They had a Bar-b-Q and we all had a wonderful time. Jude did decide to show everyone that he does indeed have powerful lungs. He had fallen asleep in his car seat so I carefully carried him into the living room and set him on the couch. Not five minutes later, as I was inhaling my cheese burger (nursing makes me super hungry), Jude was crying harder than I had ever heard him cry. I guess he didnt like being left in the living room while the party was outside... So sad! We then traveled down the hill to Round Valley. The weekends are my only time to get out and about. Not having a car has really put a squash on my independence, so Garrett graciously drove my to my parents house for some more fun and socializing. Garrett and Dad swam with Chase, Tug and Gus in the pool and Garrett was covered with scratches. He informed me that:

"You need to be careful while swimming with the dogs because when you go under the water they cant see you and will scratch you."

My response, "Well duh."

Seriously who swims with dogs. I think its so gross, and I refuse to get in the pool with the dogs or after they have been in it. YUCK!

We did take our first walk with Jude in a stroller. It was very nice and he seemed to like it just fine.
Yesterday I got out Jude's Baby Einstein Play-mat. He loves it. There is a star that lights up and plays music and he stares at it and coos. Its darling. He will lay there for 15 minutes totally entertained. Its so fun to see him enjoying himself.

4 Week old Tummy Time. Learning to lift up his head.

Looking for him thumb again

Over Mama taking his picture...

Happy Birthday Little Sister! Remember I hate your stinkin' Guts! and You make me Vomit!

P.S. Happy 2nd Anniversary Gabe and Mari!