Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pretzels and Pictures

Uncle Grant, would you like a pretzel?

The jar is a little hard to open...

Got it, here is your pretzel.

Ok, now I have to put the lid back on.

I cant do it, It's hard. Ill have a bite, maybe that will help.

Will you help me please? If not Ill hit you on the head with the lid!

Here is a video of Grant being a fantastic Uncle!

The Rest of our Week in Capo by Pictures

Caroline's first In and Out burger. Mari said Gabe would be very proud!

Mari and I took Jude and Annabelle to the Mall. Here is what they looked like when we arrived! They were not as pleasant on the way home!

Annabelle and Jude playing.

Jude in is jumper looking like such a big boy.

Care and Jude. She is so sweet to him. Each time she sees him he is met with a big smooch!

Care showing us how she can tumble, next to the babies:)

Jude in a bouncy seat.

Care and Aunt Hannah. She is so good with the kiddos.

Saturday we all went to the beach with Garrett's Gramps and Nana, as well as Aunt Jackie and Dan and Beth. Here is Jude napping.

And here is Annabelle. They chose to sleep at the beach. How cute!

And this was Jude's latest achievement. My mom will be very proud!

Lessons From The Bob!

So here is the exciting story you all have been waiting for I am sure...

I really wanted a Bob Revolution Stroller. I have been dreaming of owning this glorious piece of equipment for months now and was slightly consumed by the idea of pushing precious Jude down a lovely path in his very own Bob.

The only problem was that Bob is a very pricey piece of baby gear. I really wanted to just buy it, I mean its what I wanted and that should be enough of a reason right? I had my argument all figured out and presented it to Garrett many times. Each time I thought I had presented a bullet proof argument, he would respond very lovingly , with reasons why he believed I didnt "need" such an extravagant stroller. Need had nothing to do with it, well, I did need a stroller, but I had some others that worked, but I really wanted the Bob. I wanted it...

I have such a wonderful husband who helps me see areas in which I need to grow. I had become slightly obsessed with the Bob. I would think about it at night and would try to sneek it into every conversation. Garrett was not going to let something so foolish consume me. He told me that I could not buy the Bob new and that if I could find one for $200 I could buy it. This was a great compromise in his mind and another opportunity for me to learn about submission. I was mad! Where in the world would I be able to find the most perfect stroller for $200. After 12 hours or so of a mad and hurt heart, I let the idea of the Bob go. I surrendered to the facts that no person in their rightful mind would sell such a stroller for half price, and that if such person existed I would never come into contact with them.

Then after my pitty party was over, I prayed. I confessed my sins of pride, idolatry and anger to the Lord and expressed my desire for the Bob. Its a stroller that will last me many years, I said, and besides Gabe thought it was a great stroller, doesnt that count for something. I told God how I realized it was extravagant and how I am sure I could be perfectly happy with and have all my needs met by another stroller, but I just really wanted this particular one. After I finished praying, I left it alone .

The next day however was a new day. I just thought I would look around for that person who I thought could never exist. I found him on craigslist. There it was, a navy blue Bob Revolution on the internet for $200. It was listed in San Diego. Immediately my fingers began to email at the speed of lightening. I think I screamed and shrieked at the possibility of owning the stroller. But with craigslist you cant get too excited, so I emailed and waited. Not 30 minutes later the owner emailed me back and we began a correspondence through which I agreed to purchace the Bob. I was thrilled. I am pretty sure I screamed again. I learned that this man had purchaced the stroller for his wife for Mother's Day last year and she didnt like it. WHAT? How could you not like this stroller. He said it was in pretty good shape and needed to be cleaned, but I figured it was way worth any minor cosmetic flaw. Nonetheless, we made a deal. Chandler agreed to pick it up for me and that was that!

I called Garrett and left him a message on his work voicemail, because by this time he had returned home. Mari overheard the voicemail and asked what he would think of such an excited rant, and I told her he would most likely shake his head and smile.

I then went back to the Lord and thanked him for blessing me with something that I wanted but really didn't need. And in my time of prayer I realized that Jesus will meet me in my wants as well as my needs. Often time I need him much more that I want him, but even still I am extended grace and mercy when I begin and endeavor with sinful and selfish motives. I also learned that submitting to Garrett really is the best thing for me even in my wants not just my needs. Submission is really a wonderful thing. Garrett is not asking for submission because he wants be some heavy handed dictator, he expects submission because he truly has my best interest at heart and can see my flaws better than I can. He helps me be a better Christian, wife and mother, by expecting me to submit to him as I would to the Lord. I felt so content and happy with the situation and so we all went out for the afternoon to the Petting Zoo.

When we returned home I checked my email and the owner of the stroller had emailed saying that if he didn't hear from me by 6:30 he would sell to stroller to another interested buyer! WHAT! I freaked out, it was 6:26! I emailed, and called his cell phone honestly, 87 times. He wasn't answering the phone. I almost started to cry. I retreated upstairs and sat down for a quite moment. I had to look inward, and see why I was reacting so. Did the lessons I had learned earlier in the day stuck , or were they so easily digested because I had gotten what I wanted? I realized that if I was able to purchase the stroller or not, I had learned that submission is the right heart decision and that God meets me needs, which are more important that my wants.

Not two minutes later the owner called and told me that his family had come over for an impromptu bar-b-q and that he left his cell phone in the car. He would be happy to sell me the stroller and that Chandler could pick it up that night. All my freaking out was for naught.

So the lesson of the story is that God cares about my wants, but more than that He cares about my heart and its motives. The Bob could have been anything. I don't think it was about the stroller. I needed to learn that when I elevate things above God I am sinning. I must never desire created things above the Creator. The Bob was a wonderful way to learn this lesson, because now each time I take my son for a stroll, I will be reminded that the God of the Universe loves me so much that the desire for a stroller was not outside of his concern. And even more than that, I can remember to worship my Creator out in His creation.

This was the first stroll I took. Caroline, Chandler and I went to the park!
P.S. When Chandler brought the stroller up to me, and I got to check it out, I noticed that the tires still had the nubs on them. I think they maybe used this stroller once or twice. There were stubs to Disneyland in the pocket. The original owner told me "pretty good shape,"
I realize now that he meant immaculate and is probably very much like my dad in how he takes care of things... Because only to men like that does "pretty good" mean perfect.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet the Cousins!

Last Friday Garrett, Jude and I made our way down to the Erdman's house in Capistrano Beach. We left Mammoth after 10:00pm so that Jude would sleep the whole time while we drove. It worked great but we didnt arrive until after 4 in the morning. It made for a really long night. Thank goodness of the Mocha Alert Garrett had in Mojave!

Annabelle and Caroline are so great. It is so fun to see them and to see what a great Mom Mari is. I was telling my Mom today how encouraged I was to see how doable it is to have two so close together. I still think Mari is super Mom and have no plans to get pregnant again soon, but I am so happy to see the girls and to see her parent them so effectively. We all miss Gabe and wish he were here, but its so nice to be with his family. The uncles are doing a great job at loving the girls like their Daddy would.

Caroline is so sweet to Jude. Each time she sees him she waves, comes over to him and gives him a kiss. She is so gentle. When we introduced Annabelle to Jude for the first time, we laid them next to each other on a play mat and Annabelle got Jude's thumb in her mouth and had a good suck! Mari's mom Ginny got a picture so Ill have to get that from her. We all had a good laugh about that first meeting.

On Sunday we went to church at Grace Church, the church we attended while we lived in San Diego, and we so happy to see some friends. I miss this church so much and each time we get to go I remember why I love it so much. Having a defined vision brings such unity and freedom. More on that another time.

Monday we went to the beach and San Onofre State Beach with Garrett's parents and Grant. They too are down to visit Mari and the girls. Chandler drove up from SD as it was her day off. Jude's first beach day was a success.

Tuesday was a nice quiet recouping day. Garrett took Jude out for a two hour stroll to the Coffee Shop and down to the beach. It was nice to get such a long break and to be able to play with the little girls without distraction. Garrett left to return to Mammoth in the afternoon so that he could go back to work. What a great husband he is!

Today we took all the kiddos to the Petting Zoo. I swear there were 300 rabbits in one area... Mari reminded me of why the phrase, "Mating like Rabbits" exists. Caroline was very happy to look at all the animals. I really enjoyed seeing her run around and play. She is so aware of her surroundings and very tuned into what is going on. Its so fun to imagine what life will be like for all of us in the future.

Jude had a rough few days after we arrived. I think the traveling in addition to his shots on Thursday caused the poor eating and unusual fussiness. But its all better now, and I again have a perfect child! He is still sleeping great and loves the bath. Ill take a video soon to show what a tubby time party looks like!

Having the ability to shop has been a wonderful thing. We got Jude a Baby Einstein Activity Jumper. Even though he is a little young, he loves to stand and look around, so I thought a jumper would be a good thing. I was right! He loves it.

Picture Time:

Tummy Time with Daddy.

Its sunny at the Beach.

Looking at the waves

Sandy feet for the first time! How cute are those little toes.

At the park, Caroline was in the stroller... oops. The little boy is Mari's nephew Isaac. He is such a great kid.

All the babies!

Playing with Annabelle

A rabbit that looked like Wiggles at the petting zoo.

Pop with a bunny

Grandmomma has one too!

Jumping Jude!

Thats all for now, I have a wonderful story to tell but that must wait for another day! Its very exciting!!! You should be anxious...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jude's Room

I finally got the nursery finished, well as finished as things get around here and I wanted to put up a few pictures.

My aunt Charla made the greatest curtains that match Jude's bedding perfectly. I am so thankful to have them. The curtains complete the room and I love the way they shade most of the light in the afternoon making it easy for Jude to nap.

Here are the curtains!

Jude's crib and dresser. I love the black finish on the furniture.

Hannah made this frame for Garrett for Christmas. I got a picture for it yesterday! I love it.

Jude hanging out on his changing mat with his octopus that entertains him while I change his diaper. Thanks again Minna!

These are the animals I have in his crib. I love the huge while duck.

These are the animals above his crib. My two favorites are the giraffe and the turtle. The bear with the trout is pretty cool too!
And yes those are real deer antlers. They are from the buck Garrett shot two years ago.
The life of a Higerd Wife.
(Hey I like the phrase, perhaps you'll be seeing more of it around here...)
So that's Jude's room.

In other news, Jude has his two month check up tomorrow. He is scheduled to get the first round of his vaccinations but I need some more information before we decide what to do. Neither Garrett or I hold the idea that if we vaccinate then we are somehow not trusting God enough, but I just want to be informed before we put a bunch of chemicals into out teeny tiny little boy. So if anyone has any information please pass it along.

But the most exciting thing is that Friday night late we are headed down to Capistrano Beach to visit with Mari and the girls for a week! I am so excited to see them and to meet Annabelle. It will be so fun to play with the cousins. Walks, playing at the park, and adventures like this, and this... It will be a blast!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waiting for 11:00 pm

Jude has been sleeping like a little champ. His last feed is at 11:00 pm and then he will sleep until 6:00 am! The last three mornings he has woken me up around 4 with a loud sucking sound. He has found his thumb. I dont really want him to be a thumb sucker, so I have been pulling it out of his mouth and giving him a passy, and he falls right back to sleep. About 30 minutes later he is sucking again, we repeat the process and he sleeps until 6. Its been great. The sound of him soothing himself is such a joy. I wake up with a smile on my face, nudge Garrett awake so he can hear the baby, and then go to meet the baby's needs. I love being a mom. If the sound of Jude sucking his thumb makes me this happy then I cant imagine what Ill feel like when he actually accomplishes something really important.

Tonight in the bath, he had so much fun. I took out the newborn insert, and sat him in the infant side of the tub, and he played and splashed in the bath for 15 minutes. His eyes were huge and he was smiling so big. He kicked his legs, flailed his arms and cooed with contentment. I was laughing so hard. It was the best 20 minutes I have spent with my son since he has been born. It was great!

The other morning while getting ready for the day I took this little video:

After seeing the pictures of Annabelle in her Bumbo I remembered that I have one for Jude and thought it might be fun to get it out since he can hold his head up. He liked it only for a minute the first time but each day he has had more fun sitting up like a big boy. I wanted to take a picture but accidentally took this video:

Sunday Jude finally got to meet Auntie Katie and Uncle Tyler. The were in town for a quick(gnarly) backpacking trip over the 4th and stopped by church before they returned to San Diego. Here are the pictures:

How cute is his little lion outfit... Its from his Great-Great Uncle Wendell and His Great-Great Grandmother Nana.

Garrett with his two best buddies.

After church we went to June Lake Beach with Garrett's family. We had a great time. Jude was great and even took a nap while we were there. The boys left for a little while to go on some shooting adventure so that left us girls there at the beach. Kathy and Hannah played a game of Smashball, and rallied something like 49 times. I did here a few, "whoo hoos" from the mother-in-law, and let out a small giggle to myself:) But in reality, on the day that Nadal beat Federer for the title, 49 rallys in Smashball isn't that impressive. HAHA.

Well its almost 11 so I gotta go get ready to feed Jude:)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Forfh of July!

The day began early setting up our spot in front of the Rodeway Inn, and then onto the Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast. It was fun to see so many people and to people watch. My dad, and all of Garrett's family joined us at the breakfast so we had a nice time talking and taking pictures.
Dad snuck into the breakfast, didnt pay, and took my plate to go and get seconds... We laughed and the Lion's members didnt seem to care. Dad's simply said, "Well, I'm Paul Payne..." Haha.

The Three Boys at the Breakfast

Grant being 15!

Jude with Auntie Hannah watching the Parade

Tyler Haakana shot Nissi with the fire-hose from the Fire Truck... Oh Tyler:(
Nissi was very sad.

Abby and I watching the Parade.

Fellow parade watchers.

After the parade we went over to the Higerd's house and ate lunch, watched Wimbledon and the Olympic trials, and took a nap. We then got ready and took the trailer to the lake to watch the fireworks. Kathy made potato salad, chicken and corn. Dinner was great. For appetizers we had cheese with fruit and crackers in typical Higerd style. There were also some dark beers available for the taking.

I took the picture of Jude and I love it. Out of all the pictures... I think this one is of my favorites!
As we waited for the sun to go down, Garrett and Phil took Gus out for some training and were accosted by the fire chief because they got too close to the fireworks. I guess two guys in blaze orange with a hunting dog are now looked upon as firework terrorists... Meanwhile, Grant got caught by the Highway patrol and stopped because he was riding his motorcycle on the street without a license. Higerd's are such trouble makers!

The fireworks were great. Jude slept through them. I had him in the Baby Bjorn and covered his ears and he slept. He is such a great baby!

He likes to stick out his tongue...
Overall, Jude's first Holiday was a hit! I had so much fun and as far as I know Garrett did too. He was a trooper to go the parade... He hates parades. He loves me:) I have a good husband.

Happy 4th of July.